ATTN Plastic Surgeons: Why You’ve Been Spending More On PPC, SEO, Social Media But Getting Less

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If you’re like most plastic surgeons, you’ve been getting inundated with offers for “we’ll make you rank #1!” marketing. And like most plastic surgeons, you’ve given it a whirl. More than once. And the result?

None have proven to be effective.

Here’s the deal. The current state of online marketing in our industry has developed into a hyper-competitive arena. With web marketing agencies serving plastic surgeons sprouting up everywhere, like mushrooms after a heavy rain.

Here’s the rub. Plus or minus a 10% difference, the strategies and tactics that these agencies use are all the same. And do you want to know where you can easily feel this?

By the fact that you’re spending more on Internet marketing — PPC, SEO, social media — but not experiencing consistent growth in the number of new patients your practice gets.

Here’s how that saga plays out. See if this sounds familiar . . .

1. “Me Too” Strategy Leaves “Spend More” As The Only Option

Take a step back and think about it. Let’s say you share your local market with 11 competing plastic surgeons. So the 12 of you hire web marketing agencies to help you with your online marketing.

Let’s also pretend that none of these agencies would ever work with a competitor of yours in the same market as well . . . (Not getting into that can of worms in this post).

If all of the agencies are using the same strategies, plus or minus a 10% difference, what do your options end up being?

Door #1 is that all of you get together for a secret cabal meeting in a dimly lit wine cellar of an undisclosed restaurant. And carve up which of you is going to take which slice of the pie, like something out of Godfather.

You end up getting the breast implants slice of the pie. So this means from that day forward only you have the right to bid on keywords and use SEO strategies related to breast implants for your market. This way you can be “#1 in your market” for that procedure.

Fancy idea, right?

Fuggitaboutit! Not gonna happen.

So we have Door #2, which is your agency telling you that they’ve optimized your PPC account as best as they can. Now all that’s left is you just have to spend a bit more than the competition. And that’s how you’ll get more traffic and more leads.

In other words, you’ve gotta out-muscle the other 11 families, errm, practices by simply spending more than they do.

And so you do.

You tell your agency guys to “lean on ‘em, Vinny” and raise the bids.

So, how do you think that’s going to play out?

2. When You Spend More, The Competition Spends More

You know exactly how that’s going to play out.

The other 11 families won’t take kindly to your strong-arming out in the streets. Trying to take a bigger slice of the pie. And they’re going to respond in kind.


Because their agency guys are going to tell them that you’re bidding more on PPC, spending more on SEO, and so on. And their agency guys will tell them exactly what your agency guys told you . . . “we gotta spend more to get more!”

Well, what are the chances that “lean on ‘em, Bugsy” is their response as well?

Those chances are pretty good.

Which leads us to . . .

3. When They Spend More, You Spend More . . . Again (or hire more vendors, which is still spend more)

Which brings us full circle – to your web marketing agency or vendor telling you that traffic is getting more expensive. And that you’ll have to spend more to stay competitive.

There’s simply nothing else we can do about it. It’s just what’s happening in the market,” they tell you.

(Actually, a real marketing brain can do something about it as you’ll learn shortly.)

So you’re left with the choice of either spending more, or turning it all off completely. And turning off your marketing isn’t exactly a brilliant move. A double-barreled shotgun. So you spend a bit more.

And at this point many plastic surgeons go hunting for new marketing solutions.

Looking for something innovative, out-of-the-box, or new, to hopefully kick new patient growth into gear.

Which, at the end of the day, is still spending more.

And like many cosmetic practices you end up with multiple marketing vendors.

Yet no matter the talent-studded team you assemble, consistent and predictable growth in new patients month-to-month stays ever-elusive.

Like some unicorn myth.

What’s the solution?

Well, in a nutshell, the root of the problem is that your marketing is focused on the “procedures” you offer in your practice. You and all your competitors too.

So all your marketing is “me too” and “look alike.”

From the keywords you target, the social media posts you promote, and how your PPC ads are written, to the offers you make and the calls-to-action you give.

It’s mind-numbingly difficult for patients doing research online to find a clear choice. One that makes them say “Ah-ha! Yes, Dr (insert your name here) is clearly the best option and solution for what I want.

And the solution is to shift your marketing from being “procedure marketing” to something we call “client worldview marketing”.

What exactly is “client worldview marketing”?

Well, we’ve got more blog posts coming up . . . but for now you can download a free copy of our whitepaper “The Future of Plastic Surgeon Marketing.”

(This is the bit where you learn what a real marketing brain can actually do about your woes, Boss.)

In it you’ll learn a specific formula we use to pick and dominate any corner of the market you want. The whitepaper also comes with a link inside to a free 3-part audio course. This audio course takes a deeper dive into the formula you’ll learn in the whitepaper.

So you can take everything we share with you and immediately deploy it into your marketing and start getting better results.

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